Fresh Edition Story
Fresh Edition started in 1999. We may be famous for our uniquely fresh and energetic environment, but the truth is, the attractive stores you are engaged with was not where we began, in fact we started out as a professional catering company. We specialize in catering for major occasions such as parties, conferences and other gatherings. We have worked hard to be the solution provider to governments, Corporate offices and homes, offering a light product experience for occasions which is away from the scenario of a heavy and hard event experience, We perform the necessary efforts of executing the set up our food &beverage collection ideal to let social and specific celebrations enjoyable without feeling heavy or guilty in the middle of these exciting gatherings.

To do so, a lot of essential execution from the ingredient planning, product preparation up to the
packing and presentation. A lot of diverse people with different expectations and backgrounds come
to events thus the chances for error is very high and that is why we implement a clear and well
organized event set up. When conditions get mixed up and go wrong at events, organizers
are less forgiving which encouraged us to master the art of catering products, working
with focus which builds our expertise on a daily basis. We found out that people
always link their events and the parties we are cater to with peace of mind.

Fresh Edition means enjoyment, and we thought deeply how we could bring
this experience to their daily life to make it easier and to make every single
morning, an exciting event, a pleasurable party, a custom convenience.
Furthermore, we worked towards a formula on how to drive the happy
moments happening in gatherings to be accomplished by event coordinators
individually or with the help of friends, family or office colleagues. We have
been busy building our unique stores to have a clean, well organized and
practical set up with fresh, natural, healthy products. Since 1999, like other
international food chains, we improve our standards day by day, 1 store at a
time until we reach what we achieved now. We are proud to have more than 24
outlets already from January 2009 with a clear and strategic plan to arrive at 1000
stores by December 2014. Fresh Edition offers high quality sandwiches and a
range of other goods such as soups, cakes, sweets and drinks for the customers
buying their breakfast, lunch consumed in the store or on the go.
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