Fresh Edition Story
Our Production, Operations, R&D, Marketing, and Business Development Teams started an in-depth study and analysis of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Markets since way back March 2006. The numerous interviews and surveys we conducted eventually helped us form a useful overview of different cuisines, herbs, and flavors that are favored locally. We then modified our standard international menu to suit the local requirements while still keeping within International standards of hygiene and safety for all ingredients and products.

We proudly guarantee that we continuously do more in-depth research to keep improving our products. We promise to offer more locally adapted Fresh Edition signature products done in our unique way of preparing, cooking, packing, and presentation. Our products come ready in a range of easy to grab variety, resulting in a fabulous breakfast, lunch, or dinner “out-of-the-box” fresh daily experience.

We guarantee that we will never hesitate to treat the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market in the same original & international concept. We will treat the culinary heritages in a familiar but highly professional way, in the manner that it should create a daily convenience which is simple and easy to enjoy.

Deeply, from the soul of our professionalism and experience, we wish you a great, daily & freshly unique experience with Fresh Edition.
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